U208 Dynamic Face Plates

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Putter U208 DFP (Dynamic Face Plate) Center Shaft

Improve your putt rate by 10-20% by customising your U208 D.F.P. putter

2, 6 and 10-gram screw weights, ASD weight cartridges of different weights (aluminium = 40 g, stainless steel = 100 g) and various dynamic face plates give you the perfect fit to meet your personal requirements of a modern putter.

The dynamic face plate's centre shafted head, long target lines and i-grooves help you to focus on your target with outstanding precision and ensure that the ball travels in a straight line to its target.

The putt drops wherever you are!

You can fit your putter with a face plate, two weight cartridges and two screw weights. Other face plates and weight cartridges are available from our online shop.

Face Plate   Weight cartridge  Feel
Copper plate (100 g)  Stainless steel (100 g)  Power Putt


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