Hight-Tech-Schläger bei JG Golf
  • iGrooves grooved putter faces
  • GBT-Series for a natural swing
  • ASD-Series for individual fine-tuning of your swing
  • C Fit - for professional and flexible adjustment to your body size and stroke style.


The JG iGrooveAdvantage - leichteres Putten durch minimierte FehlbewegungThe JG iGrooveAdvantage - putting made easier by minimising false movements. A standard putter face can make the ball wobble or give it side spin or backspin before it rolls forward over the green. In some cases, in which the ideal line is affected, this can even mean that the putt is not successfully completed.

iGrooves technology ensures that the ball moves forward in a very straight line once struck. The iGrooves therefore help the ball to stabilise effectively and in a straight trajectory from first contact with the club face. This combined with individually adjustable ASD weights will enable you to fine-tune your swing trajectory and the parallel alignment of the ASD weight cartridges enables exceptionally accurate targeting.


Like all projectiles, golf balls are subject to the laws of ballistics. Aspects such as take-off angle, speed and wind conditions had to be taken into account when designing the GBT range. This integral part of our club range helps you to get the best out of your swing

ASD - Adjustable Swing Design

ASD - Adjustable Swing Design. This tool gives you direct influence over your game. Adjustable weights help you to correct or improve fundamental characteristics of your swing.

Custom Fitting

An essential part of choosing the right club is finding the appropriate club for your body size and swing style. You can use our professional and flexible custom-fitting service for this purpose. Information on the service is available on our website or you can contact our experienced dealers with your requirements.

Our partner for custom-fitting:

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