Shipping & Returns

Shipping costs:

We ship orders free of charge to customers in Germany when the order value is EUR 300.00 or higher. In the other European countries listed below, we pay shipping costs for orders valued EUR 500.00 and above. For order values under EUR 25.00, we charge a minimum order surcharge of EUR 5.00.

Shipments in Germany

Shipping costs are charged based on the volume weight of the shipment:

Weight   Zone 1: Germany   Zone 2: Austria/Benelux   Zone 3: Switzerland
up to 5 kg    6,64 Euro    20,35 Euro    50,28 Euro
up to 10 kg    10,21 Euro    23,31 Euro    53,24 Euro
up to 20 kg    14,96 Euro    33,57 Euro    76,65 Euro

Prices include VAT at 19%.


Where possible, customers receive orders in a single shipment. Partial deliveries are permitted and are considered as individual deliveries. If goods are in stock, deliveries usually take two to five working days, and are performed as quickly as possible under all circumstances. If we request a down payment or prepayment, delivery deadlines may be deferred. We ship to delivery addresses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux.  The billing addresses must also be in these countries. If it is not possible to deliver an item, we will inform you of this on the invoice or you will receive a written notification by e-mail where appropriate. Our deliveries are subject to us receiving the correct items on time from the supplier. Compensation for delayed deliveries is precluded unless there is gross negligence on our part.

Damages in Transit:

Goods must be checked for completeness and integrity on receipt. Please report damage immediately to the delivery agent. Then contact us.



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